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Janina Panning is 24 years old, German and a recent graduate in International Food & Agribusiness (IFA) at HAS University of Applied Sciences. She has been working as a Junior Implementation Consultant at FoodQloud since 1 October. This is rather an unusual position for an IFA graduate and we were curious to find out more about her work, so we visited her and Anton Goosen, one of the initiators behind FoodQloud, in Bergen op Zoom. FoodQloud is part of Quistor Enterprises, which will soon be moving to one of the offices in the Delta Agrifood Business knowledge and expertise centre. FoodQloud will then become a new neighbour for HAS University of Applied Sciences, which will also use its base there as a hub for activities in the region.

Remote communication

During her studies, Janina spoke mainly English, but in a short period of time she’s also managed to learn Dutch. Janina: “I’ve asked my colleagues to speak as much Dutch as possible to me, so I can practice more. But that doesn't always work, because I work in an international team with colleagues from the Netherlands, Spain and Greece. We have a lot of long-distance communication, but the idea is that I also regularly travel to customers. That way I can also meet my colleagues in person. I still need to figure a few things out, because I've only just started.”

The Cloud is the future

Anton Goosen explains more about FoodQloud. “FoodQloud as a kind of start-up within the large company, Quistor. Quistor specialises in the implementation and support of Oracle ERP software solutions. Companies use Oracle ERP for their financial administration, logistics planning, production planning, management reporting, customer relations management and e-commerce, in one fully integrated system. Normally, a company buys an ERP license and runs this system on its own servers. For several years now, Oracle has been offering ERP software solutions that run entirely in the Cloud. This is the future. With our FoodQloud team, we’re responding to this by focusing on small to medium-sized food companies in the European market and offering a complete Cloud solution.”


“Cloud ERP solutions have several advantages: implementations are much faster, both locally and internationally, and also companies no longer need to manage their own servers and databases. In addition, we upgrade twice a year. So, customers always have access to the latest functionalities and techniques. Another advantage is that you don’t have to pay expensive licence fees in advance, because customers pay per month. We take care of everything for our customers.”

Understanding the food industry

But what makes a software company interesting for an International Food & Agribusiness graduate? Janina: “Lecturers at HAS University of Applied Sciences brought the vacancy to my attention by coincidence. I didn't expect my first job to be with an IT company. During the interview, I was still considering continuing my studies at university. But FoodQloud gives me the opportunity to gain an understanding of the entire food industry through the variety of customers, and to travel a lot, because the company is focused on the European market. It was an opportunity I wasn't going to miss. I now have a Dutch boyfriend and have settled here. By working at FoodQloud, I’m able to gain work experience in the food sector and improve my Dutch. Above all, I want to see and learn as much as I can.”

IFA family

Janina has fond memories of her time as a student of International Food & Agribusiness: “I'm originally from a village near Hamburg. I wanted to study in English and there aren't many possibilities in Germany. I also love to cook. I did voluntary work in Hamburg, where I taught children more about the climate and healthy food. This is how I became more passionate about wanting to contribute to improving our food system. And that's how I ended up at HAS University of Applied Sciences. What I particularly liked about IFA was is studying together with so many different nationalities. We really had an IFA family. And I like the fact that I can continue this within the team at FoodQloud.”

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