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Was 1577 an important year? Yes, the word ‘export’ arrived in the Dutch language. Thanks to our agri-food sector, that word has become even more powerful. Deborah also has her sights set on business and an international career.

“I really love flowers, the ideal export product.” That’s why International Farm Management appeals to her so much. Not just flowers; the study programme focuses on animals, plants and business as well. “IFM involves a lot of time learning on the job. You spend two days a week working in the real world of agri-food, for 24 weeks in your first year and 32 weeks in the second. And it’s sociable too; you work in pairs.”
Learning on the job means learning to think and act like an entrepreneur and there’s plenty of variety. You keep a personal logbook, write a report with photos and make a consultancy proposal. As well as learning on the job, we also spend time working on Problem-Based Learning.
“For example, based on an article about a specific symptom of a disease in a crop, you look for the possible causes in a literature review as well as at the business where you work.”
Deborah’s future? Flowers are the future! Apart from the export of flowers, she is particularly interested in marketing. No problem. Deborah’s favourite flower is the Gloriosa or climbing lily. Climbing to the top!