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The building of HAS University of Applied Sciences in Venlo meets all the requirements needed for your study and provides modern equipped classrooms, lecture rooms, labs, printing station, library near the university and cosy corners, where you can work comfortably in groups or individually.

In cooperation with companies near Venlo, we offer you the best educational facilities: at the entrepreneurs themselves! An average of twice a week, you will have classes at one of the companies in the region, go on an excursion, carry out research or study retail channels.

Student Laura

Walk through the building

1st year student Laura from Canada gives a walkthrough of the building of HAS University of Applied Sciences at our Venlo Campus site.

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Meet and study


Lectures and projects

Partner companies

Real life assignments


Free wifi and cheap software

Going abroad

International Office

You can go to the International Office for advice about visas and/or work permits for your internship abroad and/or minor during your third year. They can also help you with answers to questions regarding scholarship possibilities, travel insurance and HAS safety policy.

Disability Support Services

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HAS University of Applied Sciences strives to assist students with disabilities to be able to successfully obtain and complete the education of their choice. Our definition of a disability is a physical or mental impairment which may have a retarding effect on a person’s study progress.
These include:

  • Sensory impairments, such as those affecting sight or hearing; 
  • Mobility difficulties;
  • Specific learning difficulties (such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, fear of failure);
  • Chronic illnesses (e.g. ME) and mental health difficulties (e.g. ADHD);
  • Developmental disorders, such as Asperger Syndrome and other Autism Spectrum Disorders

More about Disability Support Services